Digitize Pathways aims to support people to in-demand digital jobs and enterprise


The 2020 pandemic caused massive disruption to life that led to a rapid acceleration of our dependence on digital technologies across all aspects of life

We had to re-think our working lives, social lives and education delivery and consider alternative approaches that shifted us to the cloud and online work.

There's now an increased demand for skills that were already lacking in our workforce and education system. Our world has changed forever.

Pathways was born out of two real needs we saw developing in our communities: firstly, the urgent digital skills gap and need to support young people into digital careers and secondly the need to support business and schools with digital transformation necessitated by the pandemic. We've developed a model that we hope solves both of those issues in some way.

Pam Currie- Digitize Pathways CEO

The demand for digital skills is urgent across our society.We need to empower schools, families and businesses to thrive in this increasingly digital world

What we're offering with Digitize Pathways is a programme that empowers young people to enter digital career pathways by supporting digital transformation in their local communities and schools. We're partnering with business, education and industry to support that.

Carole Harper- Director of partnerships

In working with schools, parents and our Pathways pilot, we've also seen an increase in young people isolated from school and work due to anxiety and mental health

A pattern that is emerging is that these same young people are often very engaged by digital technology and the internet

What if we had a way to support these young people into some of the highest paid and most needed jobs?

What if they could support local schools, businesses and charitable organisations to save time and money and attract more customers?

What if we could deliver our skills Pathways flexibly and not be dependent on set locations or time?

What if we could provide qualifications and careers pathways in new subjects not currently offered by the school system?

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