Step 1: Book your onboarding call

If you're looking to get involved  with Digitize Pathways as either a school or education partner, the first step is to book an informal chat with one of our team. We'll explore options and share next steps resources.

Step 2: Get on board

You'll be allocated a dedicated account manager to work closely with you to develop the Digitize Pathways programme around your needs. Different models of delivery are available: fully mentored and more independent.

Step 3: Launch Digitize

We provide multimedia infopacks for every Digitize Pathways cohort. Our onboarding team will support you to launch and enrol students. You'll identify a lead staff member for the programme.

Step 4: Data and reporting

Every Pathways Programme staff lead has access to data dashboards for progress tracking and monthly mentor reports as well as access to student portfolios and certifications.

Let's talk about Funding Grants Sponsors

Grants and local funding

What about funding?

There's different ways to fund a Digitize Pathways programme.  In some areas there will be grants and funding available.  Our team will support you with options 

Skills for work

Industry Partnerships

We're partnering with business and industry to deliver a skills development and work experience programme that meets the needs of present and future work. Some will sponsor programmes in your area.

Pay per cohort

Sometimes you just want a programme to start straight away with one class or group working towards a specific goal or award. This would be great for school leavers programmes or adult/community learning projects

Run it any way you want to: in-person online hybrid bespoke